Meet the team

Chef Lee Chau Le

Born in New York City in 1987, and being half Vietnamese and half Chinese, Lee Chau Le was raised mostly in the vastly diverse area of East London with both of his parents working long hours to provide for him and his siblings. This meant that Lee had to learn to cook from the young age of 8. However, since his humble beginnings of egg fried rice and noodles, his culinary skills have since flourished, with his influence being from NYC, East London and his 11 year long professional experiences as a chef in London, into high end Asian cuisine.

He is a motivated and hard working business-man and chef who considers himself very lucky to have experienced this industry and lifestyle. He recently dedicated himself to working as a private chef which enabled him to focus on the food and ingredients he loves. A few of these being; Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai foods however, he does not like to limit himself.

Now based in East London, Brick Lane, Lee Chau Le's outstanding food can be found across London. His menu is inspired by his upbringing and cultural influences and so each dish is created with genuine love, passion and years of hard work.


Charlotte Strong

Charlotte has always been a motivated and passionate young woman when it comes to business. She has always been particularly interested in the luxury world and how different it is to market to a luxury client in comparison to an every day consumer. 

Since moving to London in 2014, Charlotte has spent her time networking and building business relations whilst also studying at university, interning at various fashion houses and marketing agencies, running her fashion blog and starting a marketing and events business. 

Charlotte is literally a strong member of the Chunky Buddha brand and brings experience in luxury event management, PR, influencer marketing, social media and ...